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How To Dye And Paint A Sarong

From the article title Making a Pareo or Pareu in, “The Pareu is generally hand painted in Polynesia with fabric paint. The themes usually used are flora (tropical flowers, breadfruit trees called “maiore”), sea life, and the islands – with quite bright colours.

However, making a Pareu can be done in various manners according to individual tastes and aspirations.

Therefore it is first of all necessary to soak the fabric in dye – obtained by diluting paint in water in order to create different shades and effects.

Then it has to be dried in the sun, laid out on a flat surface.

In order to put patterns on the Pareu while it’s drying, you have to put on the different fabric “appliques” with the desired patterns so that the Pareu soaks them up. It is also possible to paint by hand or use stencils of the chosen drawings.”


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