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Get Stylish In Your Sarong

An article from titled How to Wear a Sarong, the Forgotten Hero of Water-Adjacent Dressing by Cordelia Tai.

“Karl Lagerfeld says nay. Rather than feed the fashion set’s constant need for the new, at Chanel’s Cruise 2018 presentation, Lagerfeld paid homage to the eternal beauty of ancient Greece — and the sarong wrap. One model walked the runway in a ruched, high-rise bikini topped with an ultra glam transparent cloak (for an Old Hollywood effect), another in a cowl-neck one-piece accessorized with a tonal, laurel leaf-patterned sarong. If Lagerfeld’s stamp of approval isn’t sufficient proof that the sarong still holds water today, we don’t know what is.

In case you need further convincing, consider the following:

(1) Sarongs double as maxi skirts and bandeau tops.

(2) They don’t trap sand the way, say, culottes do.

(3) In a transparent sarong, every inch of your glorious swimsuit — and assets — remains on display.

(4) A printed sarong paired with a printed bikini makes for a fun mixed-print statement.

(5) Tied the Lagerfeld way, the silhouette cinches your waist, creating an hourglass shape.

(6) Alternating sarongs (and tying methods) gives your swimsuits extra mileage.”

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