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Origin Of Sarong

An article written by Obbie Afri Gultom, titled Indonesian Skirt : The Famous Indonesian Sarong in, “According to historical records , Sarung are originated from Yemen. In that land Sarung commonly called “futah” the commonly dress for men. Sarong were originally used by Bedouin tribes who live in Yemen. Sarong of Yemen comes from a white cloth dipped in neel ie black dye . Yemeni Sarong consists of several variations , including models Assafi , al – kada , and annaqshah.

Sarung are also known as izaar , wazaar or ma’awi in Arabic Peninsula. Society in Oman called Sarung as wizaar. In Saudi Arabia Sarung called as izaar .

In the Encyclopedia Britannica , stated , Sarong have become traditional clothes in Yemeni society. Sarong are believed to have been produced and used in traditional Yemeni society since ancient times. Until now , it was still attached to their tradition culture . In fact , to this day , futah or Yemeni Sarong became one of the traditional typical souvenirs in Yemen . People who visited Yemen usually always buy Sarong as souvenirs for relatives.”

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