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Sarong As A Beach Accessory

From an article written by Mario Sanjiv d’Emilio titled Sarong and Kaftan, leading actors of summer season in, “Summer is on its way and the selection of garments for spring / summer is imminent.

Despite fads and fashions, two pieces in particular seem to resist the passing of time and continue to characterize the summer wardrobe of many women: the sarong and the kaftan.

Similar but not identical, both are two must-have that are used in different ways and occasions.

The sarong is a timeless beach classic of summer.

Born as a basic piece of Polynesian women, in the ‘40s it became popular on the beaches of all over the world.

It is a key piece in the summer wardrobe to stay classy even at the beach.

Under the sun, it takes very little to feel chic: sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat and a matching sarong.

The options for this piece are endless: cotton, silk, linen or even synthetic fiber.

The sarong is worn knotted at the waist or wrapped to the body as a dress.

There are many ways to turn a sarong in a mini dress, for example by passing it around the neck, behind the back and breasts, and then fix its ends with a knot.

You can also create a strapless dress, simply wrapping the sarong around you as you would do with a towel, adding a detail like a little belt or a colored safety pin to secure it.”

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