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Sarong Is One Of Things To Bring When Traveling

Sarong is only a piece of cloth that can use in so many ways. Whether you go on a cruise, backpacking, touring, hiking or camping sarong is a must have item in your travel luggage.

Sarong will not just transform your look in so many ways but will useful and handy in so many ways. It is an inexpensive piece of cloth that you can buy anywhere throughout the world. It is also lightweight and compact, so it can fit into your luggage easily.

The most common way to wear a sarong is as a beach accessory, where it used as wrap, cover up over swimwear and beach dress or skirt. Sarong don’t just be useful when you going to beach or as an extra change of clothing while traveling, however it can be use in other ways.

Firstly, sarong can be used as a towel. Sarong is lightweight and it can dry easily. So, you don’t have to worried about carrying big bulky towel in your luggage. Towel can be smelly and moldy if it didn’t dry properly. Get a sarong, it can absorb water easily and dry quickly due to its thin nature. It’s also nice to have if you spill something near by.

Secondly, you can use it as a sheet or blanket. Wherever you are up on a cold air blasting plane, walking down on a street on a cold day, camping in the cold raining jungle, staying in a freezing hotel or you can wrap yourself in sarong as a blanket. You also can use sarong as sheet if you are staying in hostel or dorm when you backpacking for peace of mind.

Thirdly, it can be use as scarf, shawl or wrap. Worn over the shoulders and head, a sarong functions as a wind-breaker; wrapped around the neck, it becomes a muffler or scarf. You also can use as head wrap when visiting certain religious place or cities because of the local customs.

Fourthly, sarong can be used as bag. Tie in such way that it can work as bag when you run out of bags while traveling. You might never known when you will be needing an extra bag.

Lastly, sarong also can be great gift idea when buying gift for your family members and friends while traveling. It doesn’t cost much but can be an excellent gift.

Get yourself a sarong when you are traveling, you will not regret packing it in your luggage. You can also find a wide range of different sarong designs and prints. Next time when you traveling don’t forget to pack a sarong.

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